SHOWA WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY : Students refine themselves to “Be a Light to the World.”

Showa Women’s University adovcates students acquire “seven abilities,” which are necessary to become productive members of the global community.

Since Showa Women’s University was founded in 1920, thousands of women have graduated and become valuable members of society. From the time of the school’s inception, the motto, “Be a Light to the World,” has inspired faculty and staff to develop unique educational programs that nurture women and allow them to flourish in the 21st century. To help students succeed, we propose students acquire abilities and knowledge in seven areas. The abilities are: to live globally, to use foreign languages, to make full use of IT, to communicate, to discover problems and set targets, to step forward and act, and to improve self-esteem. In addition to these abilities, we also want our students to be kind, warm-hearted women with high aspirations and great sensitivity to society.
President Showa Women’s University

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