Tokyo Campus

SWU’s main campus is located in the center of Tokyo, 20 minutes from Shinjuku and 5 minutes from Shibuya by train. Our extensive graduate programs consist of 2 schools and 11 programs. Undergraduate programs have 5 faculties with 13 departments. Showa is also a comprehensive educational institution that encompasses kindergarten, elementary school, junior and senior high school, all located on the same campus. We also share campus space with the British School in Tokyo.

Campus Map

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  1. Statue of Tolstoy
  2. Hitomi Memorial Hall
  3. Cosmos-kan
  4. Green Hall
  5. Building 3
  6. Central Administrative Office
  7. Koyo-an
  8. Showa Pond
  9. Building 7
  10. Koyo Museum (1F)
  11. Building 6
  12. Building 2
  13. Schoolyard Ground
  14. Cafeteria “Sophia”(B1F)
  15. Carillon
  1. Building 1
  2. Elementary School
  3. Library(3F & 4F)
  4. Building 8
  5. Showa Early Childhood Education and Care Center
  6. Temple University Japan(TUJ)
  7. Gymnasium
  8. Athletic Field
  9. Building 4
  10. Junior-Senior High School Bldg 2
  11. Building 5
  12. British School
  13. Junior-Senior High School Bldg 1
  14. Security Guard
  15. Showa Joshi Dai Bus Stop
  16. Building 9

Boston Campus

Showa Boston, established in 1988 in Boston, U.S.A., is our overseas campus. Situated in the quiet suburbs of the city, Showa Boston boasts a 24-hour security system which ensures students a safe educational environment in which to commit themselves to their study. Intensive language programs, a wide range of academic courses, and community-based projects challenge students to grow both intellectually and personally.