This is Showa

Situated in Tokyo, Japan’s capital as well as its political, economic and cultural center, Showa Women’s University is one of its top academic institutions for women. We are committed to empowering women to succeed in an increasingly diverse and complex world. The Common General Education Curriculum provides every student with the foundation for a strong liberal arts education. Deep disciplinary knowledge and skills are learned under the specialized curriculum of each department. We have earned high accolades for our globally oriented educational programs, which include those at our campus in Boston, U.S.A. We also take enormous pride in our very successful career development programs, which help our students launch their careers upon graduation.

Liberal Arts Education

The Common General Curriculum offers comprehensive general education as well as extensive foreign language education to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of a globalized world. In addition to classroom education, Gakuryo, our unique 4-day off-campus study programs, and Culture Programs, in which students experience world-class music performances and lectures by renowned guest speakers, offer students opportunities to develop leadership, empathy, aesthetic sensibility, and critical thought.

Specialized Area of Study

The Undergraduate Programs at Showa Women’s University are comprised of five faculties and a total of 14 departments, each of which offers a distinct area of academic study. Our committed faculty, consisting of both academic scholars and people with real-world experience, offer top-quality education not only in the classroom, but also in the off-campus study programs. Small-sized seminars and other individualized programs nurture academic and personal growth in students. The Graduate Programs, consisting of two Schools and 11 Programs, aim at educating qualified scholars and highly skilled professionals.

Community-Based Learning

In May of 2014, Showa Women’s University signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, to promote collaborative programs to address local issues such as child care, education, care for the aged, town revitalization, etc. Students participating in the programs are encouraged to use their skills and knowledge to make meaningful contributions to the local community while learning from experience in the real-life settings.

Academia-Business Collaboration

Showa Women’s University has many collaborative partnerships with various businesses, which range from small locally-based companies to global industry leaders. In one of these collaborative projects, Showa students worked closely with Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan to develop a new Krusher flavor using uniquely Japanese ingredients. It gained such popularity during its sales at limited outlets that it is now marketed nationwide.

Campus Globalization

As part of our efforts to promote globalized education, Showa Women’s University is increasing the number of overseas partner institutions. We are also launching various new projects to welcome more foreign students on our Setagaya campus. One of the projects, called the Summer International Program, receives many students from all over the world during the summer. The students learn about Japan in English, participate in cultural activities and enjoy interacting with their Japanese counterparts.

Career Development

Showa Women’s University has extensive, multi-faceted career development programs, in which students are taught from early on to design their own career paths. The “Meet your Mentor” program, which has proven to be especially effective, gives Showa students opportunities to meet with their mentors to talk about career possibilities and life choices. A large number of mentors, working women from various fields, are registered with Showa Women’s University to share their experiences.