Research Institutes

There are five research institutes under Showa’s graduate programs, which support students’ research efforts, as well as actively pursuing various high-profile projects and publishing their results.

Institute of Modern Culture

This academic institute studies the culture of our modern era through interdisciplinary research into literature and such cultural representations as food, clothing, and housing. It won the 6th Kikuchi Kan Prize in 1958.

Institute of Women’s Culture

The institute aims at academically exploring the relevance of women’s studies in today’s context. It is active in publishing newsletters, journals, and books, as well as in holding many conferences and study groups.

Institute of International Culture

This institute engages in interdisciplinary research in diverse fields including communication, architecture & urban design, clothing, dietary habits, archaeology, history, and cultural studies. It also promotes international cultural collaborative projects in association with various government agencies and research organizations. The restoration project at the ancient town of Hoi An in Vietnam has earned wide recognition such as a certificate of commendation and a medal from the Vietnamese government, and the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award.

Institute of Psychological Studies

The institute focuses on research in five major fields of psychological studies – clinical psychology, social psychology, educational psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology. It has a counseling room open to the community, which provides psychotherapy to those who need it while acting as a clinical training site for students.

Institute of Women’s Health Sciences

The institute engages in research projects concerning women’s health issues. It aims to work in close association with local and national governmental agencies as well as private businesses to promote advanced studies which have wide-reaching social benefits.