Showa’s Education

Cultural Studies Program

Showa has a number of distinctive educational programs. Prominent among these are two programs, one that features performances by major international artists, and the other that offers lectures on women’s issues by prominent thinkers. These programs are held in Hitomi Memorial Hall, the campus’s main auditorium.

Hitomi Memorial Hall

Off-campus Group Study

The concept of the off-campus group study, called Gakuryo, was inspired by the educational philosophy of LeoTolstoy, which focuses on love, understanding, and harmony. During Gakuryo, teachers and students live together in order to build a better rapport. While staying in one of Showa’s two off-campus facilities in Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures, students participate in classes and recreational activities, improving their interpersonal skills and learning to be more independent and responsible.


Ethics in Practice

This omnibus course taught by various teachers, including Chancellor Mariko Bando and President Tomoko Kaneko, is required for all first-year students. In the spring semester, lectures focus on Showa’s educational philosophy, curricula and their relevance in the current age of internationalization. In the fall semester, students learn how to make career-related decisions by establishing a clear vision of their future and learning about what roles women can play in an increasingly international society.